IJmuiden South Beach


Number 5 of series two; having a little sprint in illustration. Needed to release some pressure after I had been doing too many useful things. Boring stuff helping to set up my wife’s new business. The good thing is; I make these rather quickly under the pressure of another wave of administrative boredom looming overhead. So I learn to accept looseness as a quality instead of failure in perfection.

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Steel Mill IJmuiden Holland


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Small sluices IJmuiden Holland in fog.


Number 3 illustration in the new maritime series about IJmuiden.

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Gangway at the Quay.


#2 of IJmuiden series 2.

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Spring morning at the pier.


My hometown of IJmuiden (The ugliest town in Holland) continues to inspire me. Start of a new series with a lot of variation.

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Ghost in the Machine

GHOST IN THE MACHINE. A philosophical concept in which the soul is a separate entity. The ghost controls the body as a machine operator. This work was a technical challenge laid down by Rita Quattrocci to see if I could do broad brush work. Broad brush background, and rough pencil drawing. I’ve done it, now I will return to my usual detailled work.

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Satirical Digital money


Ever considered why banks want to make digital spending easier than paying in cash? It’s no secret banks want to get rid of cash and when they succeed they’ll control our lives. Fight for cash! Statement T-Shirts with a choice from four major currencies available from:¬†https://www.curioos.com/dickholzhaus

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