Pale Fire



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2 Responses to Pale Fire

  1. Time I read this. I loved Lolita, but thought he burned out at some point…unlike Celine, who keeps the fire burning.

    • dickholzhaus says:

      With me it’s the other way around, still need to read Lolita (should have written; ‘I still have to do Lolita’). I can admire Nabokov but I can’t love him, to me he’s one of those aristocrats who had all the time and money in the world to develop his genius. Just imagine, you discover you’re writer at about age 7 right? From then on your parents stimulate you, they help you meet the greatest literary minds, go to the best universities, anything to develop your skills. How good would you be then? I’ve read interviews with Nabokov, avoid doing that, he’s a real prat. Talking about hiding ‘juicy prunes’ in his text. Still Pale Fire must be number three of these four books. House of the Dead is number four, even though it does contain the best line about human nature ever written (don’t ask, I’ve read it in Dutch).

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