Mediaeval Satire #8; Texting


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Omni Creative, thinking, writing and drawing are the purpose of my life.
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4 Responses to Mediaeval Satire #8; Texting

  1. How are the colours made?

    • dickholzhaus says:

      I created a basic palette using Googling mediaeval images and had a look around Kuhler for additional colours. From them I created a photoshop palette of around twenty colours in five groups and did the colouring layer by layer in photoshop. The original drawings I made using pen and ink on paper, since then I bought a pro Wacom tablet and trained so much I could do these ink drawings better on the tablet now.

      • Really! I don’t have much experience with digital illustrating, I do mostly everything by hand. I always manipulate the contrast and such with Gimp, and I learn little by little other things in the process. Thanks for the information.

  2. dickholzhaus says:

    Goin digital is a strange experience, feels like cheating since you can change mistakes without leaving scars in your artwork. I’m telling myself it’s okay because now I can get closer to creating the visions in my mind.

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