The Thief: An ‘oil’ version of the earlier posted composition in Japanese Woodblock print style.


Really enjoyed doing this, it’s big too, could be printed poster size. Funny how I’m never satisfied, the Wacom tablet lets me paint large canvasses in a small apartment, without smells, drying time etc. You’d think I’m happy but it made me long for my days in Thailand with my open air studio, a trolly full of oil paint and a large canvas in the easel. Still a Wacom is the next best thing, happy to be painting again.

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#10: ‘Canal Dyke’ In the series Ugliest City in Holland.


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The Thief:


The Thief, developing a new style.

It started out as a test for limited palettes but then I decided to go weird and tell stories without a visual logic. And out was the idea of just testing limited palettes. Hope you like this because I’m loving doing this style.

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#9: Canal Ferry at dawn. Ugliest City in Holland series.


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Ugliest city in The Netherlands #8 The main light house

The main light-house of IJmuiden The Netherlands

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The things money can do.

I’m not against but also not all for explicit images. Still, to convey my thoughts about modern society sometimes being rude helps the message.

The things money could do and the things it does do.

The things money can do.

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Start of a series based on Japanese wood block print and Ivan Bilibin’s work.

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